What would Bill Collins say about Terry Tate?

I wonder what the great Bill Collins, HR and OB guru, would have to say about Terry Tate, Office Linebacker and Sensitivity Training.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get Cobra to do the same at FON?


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3 responses to “What would Bill Collins say about Terry Tate?

  1. eric

    Wish we had one of these guys in FON!

  2. Bill Collins

    I was quite uncomfortable watching the first video. Specifically, I believe that there is already too much workplace violence and this type of “humor” only makes fun of a serious issue. What probably causes my concern with the message of the ad is that I am an American and in the USA – with our advanced management techniques and our world-renowned business schools – we have practically eliminated all workplace tension and it is ads like this that work against the phenomenally successful struggle of the American business consultants and gurus. Additionally, it is probably the fact that Reebok has its origins in the UK and my American inability to understand the subtle art of irony that precludes me from seeing the link between hospitalizing fellow workers and the promotion of sporting goods.

    I was happy to see the second video introduced the topic of sensitivity training because I believe that creating a better understanding of the differences between the employees at Felcher & Sons’ is a healthy and therapeutic approach to their human resource problems. In fact, I found myself strangely attracted to the sensitivity consultant because her message resonated with my own beliefs about workplace compassion. I found the juxtaposition of Terry Tate’s violence and the consultant’s message of workplace tenderness only increased the desirability of the nurturing assets of the consultant. However, to my disappointment, the messages of violence and the “strong will win” were reinforced in the end. Again, attacking the very heart of current American management practices: warmth and compassion.

    But, most unsettling, is that the ad hijacks, for its own agenda of division, the one sport that unites nations, that crosses all boarders, that once a year gives the world a single Sunday – dare I say a Super Sunday – to collectively determine and celebrate the best of the best – true World Champions.

    You wonder what Bill Collins would say? Well, Bill Collins would say, You can’t spell “Sustainable Competitive Advantage” without the H & R!!!

  3. eric

    One word, Bill, “smack”!

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