The Wire: I love this show!

About one year ago, my brother gave the DVD of the first season of The Wire, an HBO television drama series about police and crime in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then, I have purchased Seasons 2 and 3, and this weekend, I just finished watching Season 3. The Wire is simply fantastic. It develops the stories of not only the police officers, but also of the people that live in Baltimore, and the community in which they live. All of the characters are multi-dimentional and both the police and the citizens (be them criminals, politicians, or ordinary citizens) are portrayed with all of their values and weaknesses.

Furthermore, The Wire accurately tells the story of the tradegy of American cities. All of the characters are living their lives the best way they can, and yet, its seems that no matter how hard they try, there really is no solution to the vicious cycle of the self-destructing world that surrounds their lives. Even when the police finally succeed in closing a case, the overall problem underlying the American city have yet to be solved, and the cycle begins again.

Finally, what I really love about The Wire is that it takes place in Baltimore, the largest city in my home state. Although I have never lived or worked in Baltimore (my brother has), I can feel the closeness to home and the seasonal changes — the cold of winter and the humidity of summer. And more than that, I suffer with the City, recognizing the socio-economic (and too often racial) aparthied of American society.

As a person passionate about language and words, I enjoy above all else hearing the richness of the English language as spoken by the different communities of my home state. Unfortunately and because of that richness, there really is no way for me to share The Wire with any of my friends here in Spain. Not only are they unable to understand the language, they simply wouldn’t “get it”.



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2 responses to “The Wire: I love this show!

  1. chente

    The Wire is the best. This is the real America, for any American who ever felt patriotic, to watch The Wire is to have your heart broken.

  2. Sucia

    There’s something to be said about being demographically compatible. Can’t wait to watch it after it’s finished downloading.

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