I play all of them

Not that anyone out there cares, but last weekend I kept having this voice in my head about someone playing many notes all at once because he wasn’t quite sure which one to play. Well, no, I don’t hear voices and I ain’t crazy. I knew that it was from a song and yet it was familiar from somewhere else. Then I realized that it was probably from a song by Koop and also from an interview I had heard with John Coltrane. And I was right. The song is “Soul for Sahib” from Waltz for Koop.

There are some set things that I know, some devices that I know, harmonic devices that I know that will take me out of the ordinary path if I use them. But I haven’t played them enough and I am not familiar with them enough yet to play one single line through them, so I play all of them you know trying to acclimate my ears so I can hear.

No, I have no idea what he means.

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