Who cares about the pot when our image has melted away?

Berga and Cobra’s roomate, Edu (a bit of a leftest poser because he owns a Playstation) is a writer for the Spanish TV show El Intermedio on La Sexta. This show does something that no TV station would ever allow in the US. During each episode it runs a 20 second clip beginning with President Bush’s May 1, 2003 speech proclaiming victory and the end of combat operations in Iraq. It then lists the number of civilian deaths on that particular day in Iraq.

Although I find Spanish news to be incredibly politically biased and unfairly anti-American, US journalism and television are simply too self-censuring. The press is either afraid to tell the truth or believes that the American people are too reality adverse. In any event, irrespective of what the US media should or should not publish, this video highlights the grave harm Bush, his policies, and the war in Iraq have done to the image of the US in the world. Fortunately for him, the great majority of Americans are not living abroad and don’t have to witness how our nation has fallen into ill repute in practically every corner of the globe. For the few of us who are out there, we have to degrade ourselves by pretending to be Canadians just to get laid.



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8 responses to “Who cares about the pot when our image has melted away?

  1. Your cynicism is a thing of beauty, cousin.

    I know this shouldn’t be made light of, but that is the funniest thing I have read in … well, …. forever. LMMFAOROTFL

    Awesome, phenomenal, spectacular and on task. Verily, the truth shall set you free.

    So, how is Quebec this time of year? LMAO.

    (pardon my indiscretion … but that’s just hilarious)

  2. eric


    The problem is even worse: even if I dress like I am lost somewhere in the 80s or wear a hockey jersey, Europeans really can’t differeniate an American from a Canadian, and heck people judge a book by its cover everywhere. So the pickings ain’t great. I still haven’t sunk to sewing a maple leaf on my forehead yet, eh.

    I am glad to see my cynicism is apprecaited, and let me mention that I am not exaggerating how we are perceived in the world today in the least. That is something that us Americans really have to think very long and hard about …

  3. Eric,

    Curious. I thought that Europeans were more highly liberated of thought? So shallow are they to presume the appearance makes the hominid?

    Rather passe`, really. We’re all just a bunch of tool making hominids with over-amplified imaginations, so why buy into the social pretense?

    I quite rather like all of my cousins, not bad as primates go … seems a great deal less honorable to judge the citizen by the errors of the government of their country.

    I wonder, do they accept personal responsibility, each and every citizen, for the failures of their government?

    If not, there is a word for that behavior: hypocrisy.

    Poor hominids, ever the constructs of the imagination, and none of the character to rectify that error. LMMFAO, sad, pathetic lot … bollocks to you Spain, you are no different than we.

  4. Hilarious!

    And yes it is true. At least in Germany some people think of locust attakcs and President Bush jr. when they hear USA. Let me explain the locust association. During the past years many traditional and profitable German middle class companies got all their assets striped by US investors.

    Coming back to the topic.
    This is a damn good and interesting site. People living in Baghdad tape their daily lives and fears.

    Take care guys!

  5. eric

    Yep, it’s pretty much the same everywhere.

  6. James

    Not going to answer my question, eh cousin?

  7. eric

    Sorry, James. Your question was regarding personal responsibility? The answer is pretty much no. In Europe, people expect the government to solve all of their problems. In the US, they expect lawyers to. In the US, when someone cause an injury, they get a lawyer, and someone is sued. In Europe, everyone blames everyone, nothing happens, and they expect the government to do something. You know just today I saw on the news that France wants to pass a law that would give every citizen the right to a home. That would mean that the government would have to provide a home for any homeless person. Sounds good? Takes a little stress off of having to make your mortgage/rent payments on time.

  8. James

    Unfortunately, that was precisely the answer I was expecting.

    LOL … I love that delusion … the “right” to … LOL, cretins.

    So personal responsibility and self ownership of actions are nullified. How do I say this … hmmm, ah yes … predictable.

    I would say that European’s, being mostly oligarchic socialisms, have no “right” to be snubbing their noses at our plutocratic socialism. Half dozen on one, six on the other.

    Sounds to me like hominids on either side of the pond are about the same. But, let’s continue the pretense, it gives us something to do.

    You are correct, Eric.

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