Marrakech: The Sheltering Sky 

I have just recently returned from Marrakech (with my bro the Comment Killer), hence, my well-noted absence from the pages of this blog. Marrakech is a fascinating place to say the least. Once I have some free time, I will write down my thoughts, impressions, and other digressions related to my first trip to Morocco. Now, back to Arrested Development, which although completely addictive is less amusing to watch alone, especially without the Comment Killer’s commentary.



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2 responses to “Marrakech

  1. The Comment Killer

    Wish i was back in Spain watching arrested development.

    Marrakech was an amazing experience.

    Sucks to be back at work.

  2. eric

    Tell me about it! But, it is also nice to be back in my apartment with toilet paper!

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