Thanksgiving with the Changster, Natalia, Regeneration and Depletion, and Coltrane

Diego Rivera: Vendedor de flores

Like all things in life, weekends need a fine balance. I had wanted to write a few different posts on various unrelated topics, but instead I will summarize all of them here as the (abriged) story of my weekend:

First, on Friday night I had a make-shift Thanksgiving dinner with my friend, Chino, and some of his friends. Needless to say, I was totally exhausted from a long week at work and from the traditional Friday afternoon soccer match that is always held at FON. I did my best to focus most of the conversations on none other than número uno. I figured that if I talked enough about myself then people would leave me alone and I could find a chair to sit in. Strangly enough, Chino’s friends are too polite to walk away. So basically, I spent the evening boring myself with topics related to myself. I did, though, promise my friend, Bea, that I would write something about the evening here in my blog. So, Bea, here it is: I did notice your escote, it just that as the only hetero-sexual male at the party, I was under an obligation not to gawk.

On Saturday evening, Natalia, my friend and co-worker, invited me to her house for dinner along with Cobra, Berga, Cabezudo, Borja the Bookie, Mayte the Ninja, and Natalia’s friend Patricia. We had a wonderful dinner and did not discuss any office gossip or firmware whatsoever. And if anyone’s wondering, Natalia did not smoke a cigar all evening.

The rest of the weekend (by which I mean literally the entire rest of the weekend), I spent my time contemplating two other matters: Renegeration and depletion, and John Coltrane. Let’s take the first of these. I have been noticing a strange phenomenon going on in my apartment. If I quickly turn away and then look again (like in a game of peek-a-boo), the soap bar keeps getting smaller all of sudden. Really, I am not crazy, I am just exaggerating to get my point across. But, seriously. Recently, I keep noticing that my soap is almost all used up, and I am almost positive that I just put a new bar out there. The same thing is happening with the toilet paper. There are all of these little things in my aparment that keep depleting at a rapid pace. And I am sure that I am not going to the bathroom more than usual or showering more than once or twice a day. At the same time, I have been noticing the opposite thing happening. My finger nails are regenerating. I look at my fingers and realize that it is time to cut my nails again. I just got a haircut and I could probably get another one. Also, I keep having to shave every day. What’s going on? This is a huge burden. I feel like there must be more to life than maintaining a household and one’s body. Cut the finger nails and they grow. Do the wash, and then do it again. Change the soap and its finished a few days later. Shaving is the worst of all because of the positive correlation between the growth of the beard and the need to buy new razors. Like the new work week beginning as the weekend abruptly ends, my world is full of things regenerating while other things are depleting.

Finally, I discovered John Coltrane. I know I have been listening to Coltrane for years. I have most of his important works and have blogged a few of his videos. I am a Coltrane fan. But, I think I have always been more a fan of his groups. I liked his music as a whole, but never really appreciated his personal sound fully. Then, on Saturday morning, I happened to be listening to the track “Olé” from his CD of the same name. I kept listening to it over and over again, and then moving to all of the Coltrane CDs from the end of his career that I have in my collection. I am a big Jimi Hendrix fan, but after listening to Coltrane, I realized that Coltrane achieved all of Hendrix’s instrumental transcendence without an electrical instrument or any special effects. Then I got to thinking, who needs outer space when you have Coltrane’s music here on earth? Even RastaFoneros should leave reggae behind and connect their natural WiFi to some Trane.

In sum, that was my weekend: a fine balance.


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