The Roots


Here is a great video by the Roots, poking fun at your standard Rap videos. Very good, very funny.


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6 responses to “The Roots

  1. did you know i did a music video for the roots? featuring amel larrieux…she is a canadian singer…probably your type of girl eric. google her. anyway, we worked on it at my house for 2 months….they claimed to be bankrupt and we only got paid a few thousand dollars….

  2. eric

    Yes, I remember when you used to do that sort of meat and potatoes life style.

  3. The Comment Killer

    the roots said they were bankrupt? shocking, what a bunch of pricks. i would’ve thought they were above that type of shit

  4. The Comment Killer

    is this the video:

    if so, it is nice

  5. naa, i don’t think it ever went on air. It was sony music who claimed to be bankrupt and they changed their name. the video ended up being paid by amel larrieux

  6. Eric's Bro (Ryan)

    i see. i just started liking the roots. i resisted liking them for years b/c i couldn’t stand hip-hop that tried to force a msg, but for some reason i am over that and don’t mind several of their songs. anyway.

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