Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

Here is the trailer to Zidane, un portrait du 21e siècle, filmed entirely during a Real Madrid v. Villareal game in 2005.



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4 responses to “Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

  1. James

    You know, I picked my way through about twenty of these videos on “YouTube” … and then went about looking for more …

    Found my personal football hero … Baggio.

    Football is rather shallow right now, no Zizou, no Baggio … the Brazilians that play, just don’t light the fire, and realy there are no beautiful players in the game today.

    I hear a lot of people tout the marks of Cristiano Ronaldo, but no thanks. He isn’t the same caliber, he’s a self-promoting player, a diver, and an incessant whiner … he definitely lacks the elegance of a Zizou or a Baggio, doesn’t have the tactical abilities either …

    **SIGH** Football is hollow right now, and no one appears to be coming to fill the gap … 2010 may be an utterly boring WC.

    Baggio, ad infinitum:

  2. James

    For the love of everything good and pure, let it be true.

    Zizou in America?


  3. eric

    I did not know that. Wow, maybe it is time to move home. The only problem is that Zidane is the type of player that really needs to be 100% in full form to be able to perform. Let’s hope he can get back in shape.

  4. James

    I think we need to start a petition, cugino. Maybe if we can snag a couple million petition signatures, we can sway Zizou to come here. He would be loved, maybe more than ever.

    Then we need to work on getting il Divino to come over!!!!

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