Martirio and Kenny Drew Jr.

Tomorrow evening (inshala), I am going to see Martirio accompanied by the Kenny Drew Jr. Trio at the Festival de Jazz de Madrid. When I tell people that I am a Martirio fan here in Spain, everyone looks at me as if I were a total freak. Apparently, Martirio has a reputation in Spain as being exactly that, a freak. She always wears dark sunglasses and her hair in crazy styles. Nevertheless, she has a remarkable voice, and in the past ten years or so, she has made great albums such as “Coplas de Madrugada” and “Flor de Piel” fusing Jazz, flamenco and traditional coplas and boleros. Kenny Drew Jr. is the son of the famous pianist Kenny Drew who played on John Coltrane’s “Blue Trane“.


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2 responses to “Martirio and Kenny Drew Jr.

  1. William

    A remarkable voice indeed: sensual, smokey, sexy. And she almost sings on key sometimes.

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