From Lexington: Obamamania

This week’s Economist has a very interesting article on whether the Illinois Senator, Barak Obama, should run for the office of the US presidency in 2008. I am not very familiar with the Democrat senator’s policies or voting record, so I am not qualified to support his candidacy. Nevertheless, Obama has already won points with me by distinguishing himself from the Clinton camp when he said, “When I was a kid, I inhaled. That was the point.” Even if Americans were gullible enough to believe that Clinton actually did not inhale, then what was he doing? Trying to look cool in front of his friends? The last thing the US needs is another poser or incoherent simpleton like its present and former chief executives respectively. Obama, are you up to the race?



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3 responses to “Obamamania

  1. The Comment Killer

    I haven’t read the article and i am sure it has more insight and knowledge of Obama than me, but that being said, I like the guy. I don’t know what his stance is on every issue, but i do believe he is better than the rest… which doesn’t say much. Who are the alternatives: Hilary, Biden, Kerry… they are all garbage. As i have said a million times the republican are awful, but the democrats are not the answer. Obama is not the answer either, but he is better than most democrats.

    the next question and an important one for the democrats is does he even have a shot? Americans are way to fucking racist to ever vote this in. And too sexist to vote for Hilary.

    So the clock is ticking and the Democrats need to put someone forward.

  2. eric

    You could be right. Did Mondale lose because he had a female running mate? Or Gore because he had a Jewish running mate? It would be nice to think that things could change away from all White, male WASP presidents. Remember that everyone said Kennedy couldn’t win because he was Catholic. The real problem is whether Obama is just another politician like the rest or whether, even if he were different, he could actually make a difference.

  3. The Comment Killer

    I think since 9/11, and after 5 years of brainwashing and fearmongering we are much more racist, xenophobic than 10-15 years ago.

    I think Obama has a different approach and would be a fresh voice, but nothing will change (and i hate to use this played out cliche, but i really believe it) until the people take the government back.

    Will Obama put us in a better position? I actually think that another 4 years of Bush and Cheney would put us in a better position b/c maybe people would finally be pissed off enough and marganized enough to do something. Instead the Democrats will probably win the elections and the progressives will have lost their soup box. Basically with a two-party system the parties just take turns being in power and in the end it is really just one party representing corporate and special interests. Anyway. Obama is an interesting figure, an excellent orator and should have a great career in politics, but not in my life time will we see a minority be president of all of the land.

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