When we were Kings

A Previous Life 

In a previous post about clean water, I introduced my friend Fadi, an environmental health expert. Of all of my friends, Fadi is the one with the most exquisite musical taste. He has introduced me to great music and musicians, one of which is Toufic Farrouk (personally, I recommend Drab Zeen). Toufic is apparently about to launch his new album entitled Tutia. What I did not know was that Fadi had actually done more than amateur playing (he played the flute) and had been in the studio recording with Toufic and Ziad Rabani. In any event, I would like to share this photo from his previous life. There was once a fatalistic article written about Fadi by one of his ex-girlfriends in an English newspaper that I would love to share as well, but it was so ludicrous that I will spare us all. I hope Fadi does not mind me posting this window of lives past.



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