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Kids and dogs

Wyeth: Master Bedroom

I am sitting outside in a garden working on my computer, and I can hear little kids playing. They are yelling out unintelligible sentences that most people would consider cute. This is something that is beginning to bother me. Why do kids get away with so much (and all the attention)? You see a kid walking around like a drunkard, slurring speech, and everyone says, “oh, how cute.” The same thing happens with dogs. Dogs get all excited and jump up on you, lick you, wag their tails. If I were to do the same thing, I would be locked up.  Is this fair? Is this right? Why do kids and dogs get away with behaving in a socially unacceptable manner? The more I think about it . . .

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A Rose by any other name would still be a Rose

A Rose is a rose is a rose

Declara Pablo Neruda en Explico algunas cosas, “Preguntaréis, Y dónde están las lilas? / Y la metafísica cubierta de amapolas? / Y la lluvia que a menuda golpeaba / sobre sus palabras llenándolas / de de agujeros y pájaros?” Y yo me imagino que mis lectores (los pocos, los valientes) estarán preguntando, ¿y la Rose Superstar por dónde andará? ¿Dónde está aquella admiración semanal dedicada al ídolo del baloncesto femenino en estas páginas?

Grave Error pide a sus lectores que tengan paciencia, que comprendan que la liga está de vacaciones. Sin embargo, en breve tendremos noticias importantes. Eso esperamos.

Pero si el lector insiste en preguntar por la Rose, dejaré que conteste Shakespeare por mí, “What is in a name? A rose by any other name would still be a rose and smell as sweet“.

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European Data Retention Laws: Not such a “Fine Balance”

Picasso: Life

There has been much criticism of the Patriot Act by Europeans (as well as by Americans), and most of it rightly so. One problem is that in Europe, similar legislation is being passed both on the local level and at the European Union level as well. These are know as Data Retention Laws or are often clauses hidden inside the Data Protection and Privacy Laws. For a good description of the dangers of these laws, see this post from Digital Rights Ireland. In general, the government, when passing legislation that limits the privacy rights of its citizens, must strike a balance between the national security interests and those of its citizens as individuals. Now, I am no expert on US Constitutional Law (and in particular on the First and Fourth Amendments), but using a strictly US legal analysis of these laws, there are serious procedural concerns with regards to the infringement of citizens’ fundamental rights. Here is how I reason through these issues:

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Jamón: What nobody wants to admit


I have been living in Spain now for almost 6 years, and I have always found Spaniard’s blind devotion to jamón (cured pigs legs) to be rather curious. You often witness Spaniards declare “no hay nada como un jamón” (there is nothing like jamón). Every time I hear someone make such a sweeping statement of idolotry for the flesh of a pig’s leg, I think these people have most likely had one slice too many (hence, the extremely low birth rate in Spain). I can easily think of a dozen things in life that are more valuable to me than deli meat or food in general. And over time, I have even grown to abhore dried pork legs. Having said this, I also must admit that for the past 6 months I have actually begun having my first cravings for jamón.

But my personal relationship to jamón is not at issue in this post. Rather this post explores what I suspect to be an unknown conspiracy behind the Spanish delicacy. I have brought it up on numerous occassions in the past few days at work, and no one (with the sole exception of Martha who happens to be from Colombia, not Spain) seems to be concerned . That in and of itself concerns me. Why doesn’t anyone want to question the obvious? What are they trying to hide? Please permit me to explain . . .

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El Mundo al rescate

Botero: Sandía

Normalmente son las personas quienes se preocupan por el bienestar del mundo (aunque la mayoría de ellas pasan del él totalmente). Sin embargo, hoy ha sido el Mundo quien se preocupó por las peronas. Y cuando digo Mundo, me refiero al Mundo Reactivo. Y caundo digo que se ha preocupado, digo que se ha molestado en echar un cable a seleccionar y a pedir la comida de hoy en FON.

Normalmente, tenemos equipos para cada día laboral que se dedican a elegir la comida para todos (así no perdemos el tiempo saliendo a la calle). Sin embargo, hoy el equipo (en el cual me encuentro yo) estaba muy liado y despistado. Parecía que no iba a cumplir con sus obligaciones. Pero en el momento de verdad, el Mundo Reactivo (aquel segoviano sin piedad hacia los puercos que devora hasta sus almas) tomó la riendas y pidió la comida. Yo, personalmente, tenía otros planes de almuerzo fuera de la oficina y no pude disfrutar de su menu del día. En fin, le doy las gracias por el marrón. Thanks!


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