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Abandonado en la ciudad

Chagall: Woman and Roses


Dedico la “Canción Desesperada” de Pablo Neruda a mi poetisa en la playa . . . 

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Happy Birthday, Boo

Modigliani: Woman from Algiers

Happy Birthday, Sita. One day early? Oh, aren’t I so very, very witty?

10 years ago, I celebrated your birthday with you for the first time. You were in bed puking your brains out. It was a shade of green that I had never quite experienced before, something similar to the color of the innards of an alvocado. I will never forget your words as I brought to your bedside a bowl of soup. It went something like this, “I can’t drink that prefabricated crap. You’re going to make me vomit.” I grew up on Campbell’s Soup and saw that you were already vomitting, so I knew it wouldn’t do you any greater harm to live like the rest of us.

Besinhos . . .


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Premio al Mejor Compañero de la Semana en sus últimos días

Esta semana ha sido corta y además el miembro con más poder de decisión en el Comité ha estado malito. Sin embargo, el Comité sí ha podido reunirse via video-conferencia para decidir la concesión de este galardón. El Comité, según sus normas internas oscurantistas, ha decidido conceder este Premio al Mejor Compañero de Trabajo de la Semana a nuestra compañera, en ésta su última semana, a Karissa . . .

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The Aging Process as a Defense Mechanism

Schiele: Portrait of an old man

Regardless of what I have previously written about the inherent problems associated with eternal life, I believe in the beauty of life. Life’s beauty can be so overwhelming as to render life itself unbearable. This I hope to take up shortly in another post entitled, “I have seen life in life, life in death, and death in life”. But for the meantime, I would like to explore another notion: how the aging process, whereby the mind loses its agility, actually serves an important physiological and pyschological function. It permits the human to deal with all that it loses over the course of its life. As always, I shall explain . . .

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A year with Marina

La hijada princesita

Exactly one year ago to the day, on May 3rd 2005 at 13:05, Marina came into my life. I first set eyes on her at 13:30. It is amazing to see how quickly time passes by and how new life comes into the world to become so important to those who surround that new life.

Happy Birthday, my Goddaughter!


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