Happy Birthday, Boo

Modigliani: Woman from Algiers

Happy Birthday, Sita. One day early? Oh, aren’t I so very, very witty?

10 years ago, I celebrated your birthday with you for the first time. You were in bed puking your brains out. It was a shade of green that I had never quite experienced before, something similar to the color of the innards of an alvocado. I will never forget your words as I brought to your bedside a bowl of soup. It went something like this, “I can’t drink that prefabricated crap. You’re going to make me vomit.” I grew up on Campbell’s Soup and saw that you were already vomitting, so I knew it wouldn’t do you any greater harm to live like the rest of us.

Besinhos . . .


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Boo

  1. Shamima

    Thank you for the sweet birthday memory. You’re the best.
    Big kiss from your favorite Shamima

  2. On days like today, I think what a wonderful world it is for people like you to have friends like me.

  3. both of you are dorks!

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