Everyone loves a good meal. People think of food with nostalgia for home or for better times. But, sometimes I wish we could live witout food. It often just gets in the way. Especially on a day like today when my stomach hurts, I feel no homesickness for food, just a desire to avoid eating and to roll myself into my bed like a Mexican fajita.

A few weeks back, my friend Laura (who has a degree in Physical Education and Physiotherapy, is very borde, and who I generally refer to as primer plato) was educating me on the relationship between stress and the digestive system. While it is generally accepted that stress creates stomach discomfort and alignments, the reverse is just as prevelant. Stomach pains cause stress. What’s more stressful than having nausea on a crowded public bus or stuffy metro? Worse of all, it’s lunch time. What am I going to eat?

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