Catching Up


Like every weekend since I started working for FON, my primary goal is to sleep as much as humanly possible. The problem is that I have been neglecting the things that I enjoy the most in life: my friends, my family, reading, writing, listening to music, working out, and sleeping. Various of these are thus sacrificed. While I had everything planned to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday, I ended up foregoing on the sleep and dedicated the majority of my time catching up with friends.


Manolo, who I spent last weekend with in Mallorca, was in Madrid for business and stayed the weekend. We met up with Toni (and Dani) on Saturday night for dinner to discuss the trajectory of all those people from our past in DC and to reminisce. Unfortunately, Christine and Nora (Toni’s wife and daughter) were out of town and we weren’t able to see them. On Sunday, I had every intention to dedicate my morning to Rose Superstar and watch her play b-ball. But, with daylight savings and reviewing my FON inbox, I ended up missing the game. Lucky for me, I lost my Internet connection and went to see my Goddaughter, Marina. We had a wonderful lunch and then sat out on the terrace in the sun. So, I didn’t get much rest and am faced with a long week ahead. Maybe that was a Grave Error. Nevertheless, I was able to spend to some valuable time with old friends and my beautiful little Marina. I was even able to speak to my mother for the first time in about three weeks. Mission Accomplished.   


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