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Autumn in Paris


Last weekend I took my twentieth flight to Paris this year. While the back and forth gets tiring — and hopefully will be resolved soon — the colors of autumn, so prevalent in Paris and so absent in Madrid, reminded me of just how much I miss this time of year back at home.


Unfortunately, I also started seeing the first hints of the impending Christmas shopping season, and knowing that this year I won’t be home for Christmas (something I will write about soon), opens a whole other box of worms.

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Civil Liberties in the Age of Obama

Should you have the time, I recommend you watch Glenn Greenwald discussing the state of civil liberties in the Age of Obama and why the civil liberties indoctrinated in the Constitution  (and the American consciousness) were specifically crafted to be taken in the extreme, not with a grain of salt.

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Morcilla de Lengua


On an unrelated note, I know what morcilla is and I know what lengua is. And even though I see the two words together almost every day at lunchtime, I am not quite sure whether I really want to do the math and figure out what morcilla de lengua is.

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Told You So

Don’t mean to say I told you so, but I predicted on the day before Obama won the election in November 2008 that Republicans would have a big victory in the November 2010 midterms. Regardless of the fact that the Obama administration has been a showcase for conventional, status quo continuity of presidents past or that the economic meltdown and government intervention happened on Republicans’ watch – as Frank Rich recently wrote,

when Mitch McConnell appeared on ABC’s “This Week” last month, he typically railed against the “extreme” government of “the last year and a half,” citing its takeover of banks as his first example. That this was utter fiction — the takeover took place two years ago, before Obama was president, with — went unchallenged by his questioner, Christiane Amanpour, and probably by many viewers inured to this big lie.

— reality aside, we are just so incredibly predictable as voters.


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