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Amazing Jazz Pianists and Musicians

Here are other great Jazz pianists!!! Wynton Kelly with John Coltrane, Miles Davis with Coltrane and Kelly, Bill Evans, and Herbie Hancock with the Miles Davis Quintet.

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Thelonious Monk on YouTube

Here are some excellent videos of Thelonious in action . . .

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McCoy Tyner playing for Coltrane

A young McCoy Tyner playing for John Coltrane on Afro Blue.

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!Socorro! Galletas

Cookie Monster

Sufro sin galletas. No puedo concentrarme sin galletas. No aguanto más sin galletas. Necesito galletas. Rebusco en todos los rincones, y no hay galletas. Bajo al -1 y no hay galletas. ¿Dónde están las galletas? Estoy es una isla desierta de galletas y yo un náufrago. Por favor, Alvaro, vuelve ya. Te necesitamos. Nos encontrarás desgalletados, entumicidos de frío como unos refugiados, como pájaros recién nacidos con los picos abiertos gritando urgentemente para que llegue la madre que les salvará de esta Hambruna de Galletas del Verano del 2006.


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All I leave behind

All I leave behind

Parting from the problems of the day, but now I am starting to leave the time away behind. Sorry for the repetition, but the wake of a boat and Formentera inspire nostalgia for . . .

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Hippies with Dreadlocks and why I quit Reggae

Benirras: White, Aging Hippies go Tribal

I used to be the only 13 year old kid expert in Rastafarianism and Reggae in the US. I say “used to be” because it lasted for a few years (1985-89). I still appreciate it, but even at 16 I was mature enough to know that White guys can listen to Reggae but cannot hear it. Its message is simply not for White people. As a matter of fact, the Rastafarian movement could even be considered exclusive. So, why are there so many White hippies in Europe with Dreadlocks? And what is a group of White, aging hippies on Ibiza’s Benirras beach doing playing tribal drums? What happened to bag pipes and clavicords?

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