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20 cosas que no puedo hacer porque trabajo en FON

1. Escribir un blog

2. Escribir cosas en este blog que no tienen que ver con FON

3. Cenar

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Who are the people behind the people that are behind the people that are behind FON?

Uno de las cosas que más disfruto de vivir la vida fonera (o sea dedicarme casi todo mi tiempo a FON) es compartir el tiempo con mis compañeros. En la página de FON, listamos a todas aquellas personas impresionantes que dan su consejo a FON y a nuestros equipos internacionales. Pero, también estamos nosotros los soldados, los que están atras de la gente que está atras de la gente que está atrás de FON.

Así en honor a estos soladados, publicaré cada semana la persona que ha sido elegido (por mi ) Compañera de Trabajo de FON de la Semana. Espero que esto ayudará a que mis compis me hagan un poco la pelota y consigo que me traigan galletas y pidan Delinas en vez de pizza a la hora de comer.


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Why am I working for FON?

If anyone knows me well, they might ask what possessed me to work for FON. Now the question isn’t why would someone want to work for FON. There are a million reasons why FON is one of the most exciting companies to work for today (for example, see, or just read anything about FON by Martin Varsavsky).

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Being and Distance

For my first blog entry, I would like to share with you a short digression I wrote over a year ago after a discussion with my former co-worker. For her insight, I am dedicating this entry to her, WQ.


There was a time when I did the interviewing. I was the one who decided which questions to ask in order to measure whether a candidate possessed those competencies required for a given position in my company. In the back of my mind, I always had the fear that one day I would be the one being interviewed and would be confronted with one of those absurd questions designed to evaluate one’s “analytical skills”. Curiously enough, I was not afraid of “not knowing” the answer, but rather of what my reaction to the question would be. Continue reading

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