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Back to having myself a Merry Little Christmas

Now that I am back from Marrakech, I am finally able to get back into my favorite Christmas caroles. I kind of lost the spirit when I went to a very non-Christmasy country. But, now that I am back and … Continue reading


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Christmas Series Part 4: 100 Christmases

I love Christmas. It is special and joyous and nostalgic, often bitter sweet but always hopeful. This year will be my grandmother’s 100th Christmas. I just can’t start to explain what that means. Let’s give Nat King Cole a little … Continue reading

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Christmas Series Part 3: The Songs

In Part 1 of my Christmas Series 2017 I wrote about the Islamic Jesus, and in Part 2 about Hanukkah and my healthy childhood for the Jewish holidays. But one thing I definitely preferred about Christmas over Hanukkah was the … Continue reading

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No Swiss Minarets this Christmas

In general, I think that Juan Cole’s article today on the new Swiss law banning the building of minarets is oversimplified, but I do think he makes a few good points always overlooked in our they’re evil we’re good discourse: … Continue reading


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Same Sex Marriage and Christmas Music

Today I was listening to Talk of the Nation and the discussion was about the Bible and Gay Marriage. One of the guests, Lisa Miller (religion editor at Newsweek), made the interesting argument that contemporary Christianity has already turned its … Continue reading


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Christmas Lights in Paris

I suppose it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I made this silly little video of the Christmas lights on the Champs-Élysées on Saturday night. I guess I did it as an excuse to play this Frank Sinatra rendition … Continue reading

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Christmas Time is Here and My Poor Neighbors

Here is my 1.4 hour Christmas Carole playlist:

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Reasons to Love Santa

Cenk Uygur wrote this “Why I Love Santa” article a few years back, but I just found it today. I also love Santa Claus and Christmas and love them from a very, very secular viewpoint. I love the childhood wonderment … Continue reading

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Santa Claus Coming to Town?

It is almost Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and that means the season for me to play Christmas music non-stop for an entire month is just days away.  There is no mystery here that I love Christmas. But, alas, this year we … Continue reading

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Recycled Post of the Week: The Faith of the Heretic

Christmas time is here and that has its ups and downs. There is the mad race to finish off the year with the work-related and present-shopping stress. There is also all of the corporate and commercial pressure to make sure … Continue reading


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