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Hysidro en el Top 8

Fuentes cercanas a FON acaban de confirmar que Hysidro ha sido elegido uno de los Top 8 del Departamento de Marketing para el 2007. ¡Enhorabuena!

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Recycled Post of the Week: En Español para Hysidro

Today my friend and co-worker, Hysidro, told me that he would read Grave Error more often if I wrote more frequently in Spanish. I still recall having asked him for his advice. Nevertheless, I decided to throw the dawg a … Continue reading

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Hysidro se apunta a Corrupción en Galicia

En un nuevo episodio de Galicia Vice, Hysidro también se sube al tren de la interpretación en el papel de poli de las Rías Baixas. Mientras Sonny y Tubbs (interpretados por Cobra y Berga) están en la calle clandestinamente en busca de … Continue reading

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La “p” de Filadelfia y la “i” de Hysidro

Hace tiempo que no escribo nada en español en este blog. Como intenté contar esta historia ayer a Hysidro (curioso ser gallego y tener un nombre griego) pero él no quiso hacerme ningún caso, he decido ponerla aquí por escrito. Puede … Continue reading


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My friend and former right hand man at FON, Jacobo (aka Hysidro), recently started a blog covering some of his design work. I used to just look over to my left to see what he was working (or procrastinating) on. … Continue reading

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My Campaign Pledge

Grave Error is not a political blog. That was never its intention. The problem is that sometimes I get a little carried away by what I perceive to be extreme political cynicism (yeah, like over 130 times just this year). … Continue reading


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Summer in Spain

I just got back to Madrid from seven days in Paris. When I left Madrid, it was in the 70ºs F (low 20ºs C) in the Spanish capital, but when I got back yesterday, the temperature had already reached 90ºF … Continue reading

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“Yes We Can” T-Shirt

My friend and co-worker Jacobo (who I used to affectionately call Hysidro) made this Obama “Yes We Can” T-Shirt for me. It actually looks much better on than in the photo. Unfortunately, I had to crop the image to hide … Continue reading


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Spanish Presidential Elections: Dumb and Even Dumber

Make no mistake of it, Spain’s incumbent president, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, probably has the lowest IQ and his cabinet have the lowest combined IQs of any ruling government in Europe. These guys are just dumb, and also naive. They’ve … Continue reading


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We’re Gonna Still Need Some Practice

I think Hysidro and I are going to still need some practice to get the salutation just right.

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