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The Republican Mantra


Regulate individuals and leave the corporations alone.

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Euro-Hipsters Go Ghetto

There are a few popular stereotypes in the U.S. about the inferiority of white people. One being that we can’t jump, and another that we can’t dance. Now I am not a particularly great dancer myself and am not one to promote ethnic, cultural or racial stereotypes, but go to any European nightclub and witness the stereotype in action.

And if there is any doubt, check out this recent Adidas Originals commercial that I first saw about a month ago in Italy and couldn’t quite believe my eyes. It is SO pathetic on so many levels: the white Europeans trying to act all tough guy and hip-hop, the slow motion dancing, the arguably offensive replication of an American urban setting, graffiti and double-dutch included … oh, where to begin? No matter how you look at it, the guys in this video would get their poser-arses whipped were they back in the U.S.of A.

Watching this just reminds me of how silly white guys with dreadlocks look, regardless of their vehement self-defense and rationalization, and, of course, that other stereotype that we borrow heavily and free of charge.

On an unrelated note, I just get myself an nice pair of retro 1972 Adidas.

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A Quick Word on Immigration

This post will likely be followed with others discussing the same topic in greater detail, but I wanted to briefly express this one point: I often find it hard to comprehend, from a strictly ideological point of view, how those who believe in the supremacy of the free market and capitalism while distrusting government intervention and regulation would, at the same time, be in favor of strict immigration regulation and enforcement. Furthermore, it seems to me that the exact same arguments that Republicans, for example, would have against environmental regulation would also apply to the regulation of immigrants.

The way I reconcile the ideological discrepancy is by accepting their hypocrisy and lack of intellectual rigor.

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